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Team Jesus Morning Prayers

Pray Hard Or Go Home


Time For Wednesday Mornings Prayer And Story Of The Day

A Prayer for God's Justice

Jesus, we pray for justice in the death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and many others. We pray for justice for the men and women who have lost their lives, may there be consequences and convictions for those who have taken these lives, Lord. The Bible is very clear that taking a life is sinful and abhorrent, and it is a sin against you. Your Word is clear about human life; every life is valuable because every life is made in your image. We may look different from each other, but we have one big thing in common -- we’re all your image-bearers Lord, which means we all have equal value, we all have purpose, and we are all part of your plan. Father, you know the injustice that has occurred for thousands of years, in different countries, with races of color and classes of people. I pray for justice in ongoing racism, which is still found here in America. I pray that these wrongs look very wrong to everyone who views these situations; make it clear to everyone God, that races of color are beautiful, valuable, and worthy.

You are the author of justice Lord, we ask that you would rain down justice in the form of convictions, law changes, police training, transformed mindsets and hearts, and continued racial reconciliation. Help us to look to you…and your Word to remind ourselves of what justice should look like. You know what injustice is like God; every sin committed is an injustice against you. Lord help us to fight injustice in the right way, may we always look to you as the solution. Oh Lord, that there would be more and more hearts transformed by your grace. May this time of injustice produce opportunities for conversation to talk about your grace, mercy, and forgiveness. May we seek you in our quest for justice, and may we continue to pray in your name for justice to be served when lives are taken and hateful actions are committed.

In your name Jesus, amen.

Seattle Homeless Ministry Stands Up for Religious Freedom, Asks Supreme Court for Justice

Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission has been serving the homeless and needy of its community for nearly 90 years. But now, the Washington Supreme Court has given it the Hobson’s choice of changing its religious beliefs or closing its doors.

“[O]ur beliefs are everything to us,” Scott Chin, president of Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission, says, adding that it is “unimaginable that we would change our beliefs just so that we could continue operating.”

In 2017, Matthew Woods applied for a lawyer position with the organization. The mission requires all of its employees to hold and live by the ministry’s Christian beliefs, but Woods was open about the fact that he does not profess Christianity. Woods sued the homeless ministry after he was not hired for the job.

The Washington Supreme Court ruled against the ministry, but now Chin is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to take up his case and defend the religious freedom the organization has enjoyed for decades.

“We’re hopeful that the U.S. Supreme Court will reverse the Washington Supreme Court and adopt the rule that is prevalent in many other circuits around the country,” says Jake Warner, an attorney with the Christian legal group Alliance Defending Freedom.

Chin and Warner join “The Daily Signal Podcast” to explain why Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission is fighting for its right to the free exercise of religion.

A Prayer for the Broken-Hearted

Lord, you know the heart of everyone affected by this crime and this loss of beautiful life, the life of your child George Floyd, as well as the recent deaths of Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery and many before them. Lord, I find it hard to believe that any human can watch the murder of George Floyd and not feel broken-hearted -- a broken heart for what happened to him, for the loss his family feels, and for so many nationwide that feel a deep pain every time a senseless death like this happens. There are many tears right now, Lord please draw near to all who are grieved by these deaths. Remind us of your closeness and your presence; remind us that you are with us always, through tragedy and triumph.

Your Word tells us that you are the Light and though the darkness tries it cannot put out the light; your Word also tells us that the darkness is as light to you. You know all things, there is no secret that can be kept from you, even in darkness -- you know the truth of what has happened. Thank you for the comfort in your Psalms, many of which are penned from a broken heart and a place of trial. The Psalms remind us that you are our Refuge in the midst of trials; you are our everlasting fortress. You are our only true safe place. May we leave every tear and every ache of our heart at your feet; may we trust you with these realities and these feelings and know that you are sovereign over all. You are a just God, and you will right every wrong. Help us to trust you always, and help us to seek you in everything. May we find comfort in who you are, God.

In the name of Jesus the Son of God, Amen.

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