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Morning Prayers From Evangelical Angels



Time For Sunday Morning Prayer And Story Of The Day


Replenishing Rest, Powerful Prayer


May you refuse to settle for the status quo. May you rise up and believe that miracles still happen in our day! Reengage your heart, remember your dreams, and appeal to God to do great things in and through you. The enemy would love for you to surrender to your circumstances. Letting go and letting God are not the same as giving in and giving up. Active, engaged surrender is a threat to the enemy of your soul. Humble trust opens the way for God to move mightily in your midst. Jesus wants you to trust Him in this place and believe Him for the impossible. May you live such a miraculous life that others look up and trust God wholeheartedly with their own story. Blessings on your day today!



The Drama King: Is a Red Sea moment imminent?


Back in the days when I wanted to be motivated, I used to listen to a motivational speaker now and then. One I remember is Jim Rohn. In one talk he mentioned something about reading the Bible. I'm paraphrasing here, but he said, "When I read the Bible, about all I can be certain of is that God is a fan of high drama."


More than a few arguments could be made for that position. The Bible is full of accounts where God steps onto the stage and delivers His own high drama. It usually happens during a production we are just a bit too proud of making.


Today we sometimes hear interventions described as "Red Sea moments." Just when everything seems lost, the enemy has won, and disaster or annihilation is all that remains for the people of God, the Author steps onto the stage and delivers a crushing defeat to his enemies and victory to his people.




Many people refer to these as Bible stories, because they don't believe they are true. Some of those people are in churches on Sundays. Some of those people preach in churches on Sundays. I refer to them as biblical accounts, because I believe they are true. We're each entitled to our own view. Perhaps the "story" building before us now on the high-drama stage that covers the entire earth will change some minds.


Creation would have to be the first such moment. There was nothing. Then there was something. Then there was us, humanity. The idea that men and women evolved from pond scum is how we got to where we are today in the world. We come to believe that we are the only law there is.


The idea that men and women were created by God is where we are going as this Red Sea moment breaks over the earth. A Great Awakening moving across the earth will demonstrate that a brutal and corrupt society can no longer be justified, even in the minds of the brutal and corrupt.


It's difficult – no, it's flat out impossible for us to comprehend the scale upon which God operates. Thankfully, we don't have to comprehend it. All we have to comprehend is His Love for us, which Jesus demonstrated for all of eternity on the Cross. For many of us, accepting that love is difficult, indeed a lifetime journey.


When it comes to outcomes, God of course can do whatever He pleases. In that sense our problem on earth is that we have too many people who mistake themselves for God – and believe they can do whatever they wish with humanity.


God has dealt with that misunderstanding before, and He will surely deal with it again, now. That is how the Tower of Babel came to an end. God simply confused what had been a one-world language. The Flood did a very complete job of cleaning up our earlier effort at human hybridization. Big tech and big pharma's impending tyranny over humanity will suffer its own demise at God's hand. We are due for that Red Sea moment.


But how does God orchestrate these events? I believe He speaks to everyone, but not everyone hears him. If the idea of God speaking to you makes you nervous, the Apostle John gave the definitive test for that conversation a long time ago ("test the spirits," 1 John 4:1). Some of us hear better or worse at different times in our lives. Far fewer both hear and obey. But those are the ones who will be at center stage when God makes his rapidly approaching appearance in what we thought was entirely our own production.


Even in the midst of our wired and COVID-crippled world, God still communicates with us. Is it our conscience? Our spirit? Our soul? Our mind? I don't have the definitive answer, perhaps because there isn't one. But God does have an open communication channel with his creation, including us, and he is using it now.


"What am I to do?" Ramous whispered. "It is an impossible task.


Sometimes the well dries up before God fills it again. Sometimes the waters overwhelm us before they part before us. If you're in over your head, out of options, and can't see a way through, do not fret! Instead, remember what you know about God. He's the master of the miraculous breakthrough. Do not fixate on your problem, fix your eyes on the One who promised never to leave you or forsake you. Do not waste precious energy on things you can't control. Letting go and letting God is good for your soul. Jesus said that His yoke is easy and His burden, light. Have you found your grace-space yet? That place where God's provision flows and His life within you grows? Jesus is working even now. He will make Himself known to you in this place. Don't doubt it for a second. May faith arise! God bless you!


Isaiah 43:19 (NLT) ~ For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?

I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.


Whatever Your Going Though Today Work Rest And Pray And Have A Good Sunday

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Homosexuality Was My Identity

Homosexuality Was My Identity

Gay to Christian Testimony - Homosexuality Was My Identity Becket spent over 25 years pursuing the desires we all desperately want as human beings: relationships, love, intimacy, support, and affirmation. Undeniably, these desires had a unique grip on his heart that was incomparable to any other desire. They carried with them emotions that vastly impacted his will, intentions, and actions and became a unique part of his identity.The problem with this is that he was not created to have an identity rooted in sexual orientation or human relationships. No one is. We were created to have an identity rooted in God. If that's off, all of our desires are off and we find ourselves chasing things that we were never supposed to pursue. Homosexual relationships are one of those things. It stands contrary to God's moral will for mankind. But we don't have to stand as enemies of God. Through Jesus Christ, there is hope for new life. There is hope for salvation. Becket's story portrays this truth with such kindness and from an intimate understanding of your life experiences, thoughts, and desires. May you see his love for you, God's love for you, as you watch it. IS IT OKAY TO BE GAY AND A CHRISTIAN? Sign up to watch this bonus interview here: Regardless of what you have done in your life, redemption is provided to you through Jesus Christ. Just like Becket, even if you have found your identity in worthless things, God died for you. He can make you a new creation and save you from a terrible fate if you call out to Him. If you are broken over your sin, call out to God in repentance and faith in Jesus Christ that He will redeem you. For more information about receiving Christ's redemption in your life, visit Buy Becket's book, A Change of Affection: A Gay Man's Incredible Story of Redemption
Bill Wiese Describes His 23 Minutes in Hell until Jesus GOD Rescued him - Only Jesus Saves

Bill Wiese Describes His 23 Minutes in Hell until Jesus GOD Rescued him - Only Jesus Saves

Bill Wiese - Bill Wiese - Is Hell Eternal? - On November 23rd, 1998 Bill Wiese experienced something so horrifying it would continue to captivate the world for over a decade. Bill shares his terrifying experience as described in his book, "23 Minutes in Hell." This powerful message will change your life! Not going to hell is easier than you think. Some people believe they have to obey the Ten Commandments for their entire lives to not go to hell. Some people believe they must observe certain rites and rituals in order to not go to hell. Some people believe there is no way we can know for sure whether or not we will go to hell. None of these views are correct. The Bible is very clear on how a person can avoid going to hell after death. The Bible describes hell as a terrifying and horrible place. Hell is described as “eternal fire” (Matthew 25:41), “unquenchable fire” (Matthew 3:12), “shame and everlasting contempt” (Daniel 12:2), a place where “the fire is not quenched” (Mark 9:44-49), and “everlasting destruction” (2 Thessalonians 1:9). Revelation 20:10 describes hell as a “lake of burning sulfur” where the wicked are “tormented day and night forever and ever.” Obviously, hell is a place we should avoid. Why does hell even exist, and why does God send some people there? The Bible tells us that God “prepared” hell for the devil and the fallen angels after they rebelled against Him (Matthew 25:41). Those who refuse God’s offer of forgiveness will suffer the same eternal destiny of the devil and the fallen angels. Why is hell necessary? All sin is ultimately against God (Psalm 51:4), and since God is an infinite and eternal being, only an infinite and eternal penalty is sufficient. Hell is the place where God’s holy and righteous demands of justice are carried out. Hell is where God condemns sin and all those who reject Him. The Bible makes it clear that we have all sinned (Ecclesiastes 7:20; Romans 3:10-23), so, as a result, we all deserve to go to hell. So, how can we not go to hell? Since only an infinite and eternal penalty is sufficient, an infinite and eternal price must be paid. God became a human being in the Person of Jesus Christ (John 1:1, 14). In Jesus Christ, God lived among us, taught us, and healed us—but those things were not His ultimate mission. God became a human being so that He could die for us. Jesus, God in human form, died on the cross. As God, His death was infinite and eternal in value, paying the full price for sin (1 John 2:2). God invites us to receive Jesus Christ as Savior, accepting His death as the full and just payment for our sins. God promises that anyone who believes in Jesus (John 3:16), trusting Him alone as the Savior (John 14:6), will be saved, i.e., not go to hell. God does not want anyone to go to hell (2 Peter 3:9). That is why God made the ultimate, perfect, and sufficient sacrifice on our behalf. If you want to not go to hell, receive Jesus as your Savior. It is as simple as that. Tell God that you recognize that you are a sinner and that you deserve to go to hell. Declare to God that you are trusting in Jesus Christ as your Savior. Thank God for providing for your salvation and deliverance from hell. Simple faith, trusting in Jesus Christ as the Savior, is how you can avoid going to hell!
Ex Muslim Woman Calls on God & Jesus Christ Appears to Her In A Dream & Changes Her Life

Ex Muslim Woman Calls on God & Jesus Christ Appears to Her In A Dream & Changes Her Life

An Iranian Muslim woman sees Jesus in a dream. She and her family are now strong Christians. Fatima Devanbeigi was curious about God. She had questions. But she could not ask them openly. The Iranian Muslim felt traumatic about it. “On the inside, I felt like there was a huge rock hanging in my heart. It was real, and it was painful. It was like something that would draw me down and wouldn’t let me live. There was no hope in it. And there was no hope for the future,” Fatima said, according to a CBN report. But somehow, Fatima did not simply want to be a Muslim just because her parents were. “At a very young age, I started questioning whether there was a God or not. I would spend hours and hours thinking, ‘What would God look like? Where would He be?’ But traditionally, in Islamic culture, you don’t ask these questions. They’re tabooed. If you start asking questions like these, they will call you faithless.” Fatima wanted to know God herself. “I remember every day, I would cry and cry, and ask God to show me Himself. I would look at the sun. Are you the sun? Where am I supposed to look?” she would ask. Fatima’s interest in know the one true God led her to Him. One day she saw Jesus in a dream walking with her. “And He said, ‘Then follow me.’ “I said, ‘Hmm. How would I follow a person who was a prophet a long time ago? How would you follow a person and not his instructions?’ So that was kind of puzzling. Why would he ask me that?” she says. Fatima saw churches in her dreams and also her family going along with her to church. That was to come true. At 20, she moved to the US where a friend told her about Jesus. She wanted to have the same joy and peace that he experienced. She was invited to Church as she accepted Jesus as her savior. “That night, the Lord just took his hand in my heart and took that rock out permanently. The one significant thing that Christ did for me was He put hope in my heart. A permanent hope,” she says. Fatima’s mother, brother, and two sisters have also accepted Jesus. To those Muslims who are interested in finding the one true God, she advises: “All you have to have is an open heart to allow Jesus to come in, and then you will know for yourself if He is God.” Jesus Christ is God manifested in the flesh - Jesus says “You call me ‘Teacher’ and ‘Lord,’ and rightly so, for that is what I am", (John 13:13). "Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father [God]” (John 14:9). “I and the Father [God] are one” (John 10:30). Jesus is far more than God’s mere messenger. Jesus Christ is God’s one and only Son (John 3:16-18). Further, He is the Second Person of the Trinity, God incarnate—God Himself (John 1:1,14; 5:18). Jesus claimed to be both “the Lord” and “God”’ No one can deny that Muslims reject the biblical Jesus. Yet it was Jesus Himself who warned all men, “If you do not believe that I am the one I claim to be, you will indeed die in your sins” (John 8:24). Christians & Jews worship Yahweh, The God of Israel - The God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac. Yahweh in Hebrew means "He exists." Yahweh is Self-existent. The only True Beauty comes from a life Fully Surrendered to Jesus Christ. The name Allah was used as the personal name of the Moon god, in addition to the other titles that could be given to him. The god of the Quran and the God of the Bible are Not the Same. The jesus of Islam and the Jesus Christ of Christianity are Not the Same. The Bible is not a self referencing book unlike the Quran. The Bible is a book about history, geography and events that can be tested from outside the Bible unlike the Quran, which is a self referencing book, what does that mean? How can you know the Quran is the word of God? Muhammad says so, how do you know that Muhammad is right? because the Quran says so, that's what you call by a self referencing authority - Dr. Ravi Zacharias. Our Jesus Christ is their antichrist, our antichrist is their redeemer. It is a satanic counterfeit that is in complete reverse. Even in light of our wretched sinful nature, God still loved us so much that He gave us a Redeemer - His Only Perfect Son - Jesus Christ. Those who deny Jesus Christ blood will die with their sins and Stand in Judgment before him. Abraham's spiritual seed are all those, Jew or Gentile, who place their trust in Jesus Christ as the promised Messiah, as God's only way of salvation.

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